Counselling and Vocal Coaching

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Registered Counsellor

Trauma therapist

My name is Ellie I am a registered Counsellor, trained Trauma therapist and Vocal Performance Coach.I have a professional background working in the EAP and Critical incident response sector offering support for various corporate, government and law enforcement employees.

I have a particular interest in supporting people harmed by narcissistic abuse and work place bullying as well as identifying recurring patterns in ones life. These often can be intrinsically and deeply linked. Unconscious patterns as well as attachment styles can dictate and rule every aspect of your daily life. They are responsible for attracting similar repeat scenarios, types of people, incidents, relationships, treatment from others, traumas and bullying etc. I have a deep interest in uncovering what is causing those patterns on a deep level, understanding, identifying and replacing these unconscious beliefs with positive and healthier thought processes that serve you so you can get on with manifesting a fabulous life. With couples counselling I use a combination including Gottman’s method.

I have also been a professional working musician for 26+ years. I am an accomplished, singer/ guitarist and a published songwriter. As a musician, I have a finely tuned ear which enable's me to pay attention to subtle nuances and inflections in a persons speech patterns as well as keenly watching for other biofeedback and non verbal cues/body language. This is a skill and technique I use during our session.

"Part of the cure is the wish to be cured"


What is Intuitive counselling?

Intuitive counselling is a different approach to the usual counselling and psychology options. Ellie’s own approach to personal

development and introspection, Intuitive counselling involves tuning in and keenly listening to your speech patterns, identifying core

subconscious beliefs that dictate our decisions and behaviours as well as perceptions of situations and circumstances,

challenging those perceptions and helping you learn how to replace those beliefs, think in a new way

and how to stay tuned.

Who is this service for?

Those who may be looking for an alternative approach to the usual mental

health sector options and for those who may not have anyone to talk to on a deeper level

You do all the talking in this therapy and I listen.

This can be healing for most people who are feeling stuck due to:




Relationship breakdown

Narcissistic abuse and bullying/workplace bullying

Trauma related anger issues

Low self esteem/ self image

Repeat patterns/ situations in life

Attracting emotionally unavailable people/ narcissists

Feelings of Insecurity and inadequacy

Inability to express or process emotions

Imposter syndrome / lack of self assurance

What is Dynamic re-imagining? (TRTP)

This therapy is a three session process to uncover the underlying unconscious core beliefs that are subliminally dictating a clients life. It works at the level of the subconscious, where old habits and memories are stored. By using the power of the imagination, we are able to target and clear negative core beliefs and replace them with thoughts that serve you. It also empowers the client to reset the Fight Flight Freeze response around traumatic memories and distressing past events. It is appropriate for PTSD, trauma, depression and anxiety narcissistic abuse and other situations where a cient feels they didnt have a voice, changing belief patterns/re-occurring patterns/ circumstances and unresolved moments that replay in ones mind. Find out more here-


The process aims to move the person to a position of empowerment in regards to traumatic memories, and to return body and mind to a state of deep calm – the goals that trauma specialists now recognize as essential to achieve if trauma is to be resolved. Unlike hypnosis you are entirely present and interactive during the process.

Who is this therapy for?

Those who again may be looking for an alternative approach to the usual mental health sector options or for those whom have not had much success through other methods. If you are able to meditate you will be able to do this therapy. Whilst it may be exploring tough subjects, you are guided the whole way and all you need to do is use your fabulous imagination.

This can be healing for most people who are feeling stuck, as well as shift energies around unresolved issues of the past.

This is an online only therapy as a live recording of my voice will be provided and the use of headphones is required to achieve the right environment and effect.

IBook in your free 10 min consult to see if this therapy is right for you.

"It's like theatre of the mind"

Why changing our unconscious, underlying beliefs is so important

The Mind

The conscious mind is only in control 5-10% of the time. It's the unconscious mind that is working 90-95% of the time.


Perceptions of the self are formed in our childhood. Each event thereon reinforces those beliefs.

Mind over matter

Our body and our unconscious mind believes what we richly imagine. Changing your beliefs, can change your physiological response

Workplace Bullying

Often in workplace bullying situations we can feel very isolated with very few options to turn to for support especially HR if it’s in a corporate setting. In my experience working in the corporate sector, it has become a “topic” of interest to tote the “buzz word” or term inclusiveness which gives the illusion of a “safe workplace” environment.

However when it comes to workplace bullying, it often does not come in the form of certain marginalised groups being targeted. Anyone can be a target.

Workplace bullying can be very subtle and go undetected. If there is a toxic or narcissistic person in your workplace, this can be a very difficult and stressful situation especially if the toxic person is a manager or a boss. Anyone can be the target.

From a business bottomline point of view, this can be an extremely costly issue when there is a high turnover of staff. Constant advertising for new positions and the arduous interruption of training and training resources can often be due to one toxic person that management refuse to acknowledge because it's in the "too hard basket". These people can fall completely under the radar and operate covertly because sadly, their targets don’t feel comfortable nominating what the real problem is out of fear of losing their jobs, having the problem escalate or from previously being ignored.

Vocal Coaching / Online

My vocal coaching program can also assist musicians who wish to take their performance to the next level.

This is a counselling / coaching approach to singing.

For musicians who would like to:

  • Address performance anxiety on a deeper level
  • Learn to harmonise
  • Learn to convey emotion and connect with your audience
  • Express themselves through singing
  • Access and define resonance chambers
  • Learn techniques to improve vocal, power, stamina and range
  • Improve definition and distinction in vocal runs and vocal control


How many counselling sessions will this take?

This is all dependant on your level of transparency and willingness to identify patterns but generally 5-7 1 hour sessions

Dynamic reimagining therapy MUST be delivered in 3 lengthy sessions as it is a careful step by step process.

This therapy is purchased in a single payment for 3 sessions and booked in on the spot. ONLINE ONLY.

Can I get a rebate for counselling?

Unfortunately, counselling does not attract a Medicare rebate which is why you can often get in faster for an appointment as opposed to psychology which is supported by Medicare which the gap is stil an out of pocket expense . I

am unable to offer insurance rebates.

Prices are set accordingly.


Dynamic Reimagining x3 sessions $600 a single upfront payment for 3 x1.5- 2hr sessions

Intuitive counselling In Office $130 per 60 min session (student rates available)

Online session $110 per hour In-person Nature walks - $120 (Coburg Lake)

Vocal coaching $70 per 45 mins. Couples - $140 in person or online


Please book in for an initial free 10 min phone consultation to discuss services and to see if I am a match for your needs. Alternatively, if you have already decided, all services are available to book via the above link.

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Location: Pascoe Vale

This is an intuitive appointment based counselling service. If you have any immediate suicidal ideation or any serious mental health concerns for yourself or anyone else, we recommend that you contact your emergency services and GP immediately. Please dial 000 for any serious concerns for your mental health or others or contact beyond blue or lifeline.